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Optimization and DSS for SC (III)

Intensive Programme N. 2013-1-PT1-ERA10-16658-P PORTALE01
III Summer School, Portalegre, Portugal, 06-20 JULY-2014

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09H00 (Anf. 2.01) - Optimization (I)-Introductory session, LP, ILP


Two Optimization sessions are aiming at theoretical subjects and practical issues, either from an introductory or advanced approach. These sessions are conjugating Optimization basics with the implementation of useful tools and SC models.

In the Introductory session, Linear Programming (LP), Integer Programing, Multiobjective Linear Programming (MOLP), related models and others of interest are focused.


2011 - Barry Render, Jr. Ralph M. Stair, Michael E. Hanna, Quantitative Analysis for Management (11th Edition).

1986 - Steuer RE, Multiple Criteria Optimization:theory, computation and application, John Wiley& Sons, New York




14H00 (Lab 1.08) - Optimization (II)-Advanced session


This session will be focused on the uncertainty handling of the models at stake, being based on interval programming techniques.
Papers will be discussed and analysed regarding these particular tools either for LP models or MOLP models



1986 - Steuer RE, Multiple Criteria Optimization:theory, computation and application, John Wiley& Sons, New York.

2007 - C. Oliveira Henriques, C. H. Antunes, "Multiple objective linear programming models with interval coefficients - an illustrated overview". European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 191, 1434-1463, 2007.

2009 - C. Oliveira Henriques, C. H. Antunes, "An interactive method of tackling uncertainty in interval multiple objective linear programming", Journal of Mathematical Sciences - Aveiro Seminar on Control Optimization and Graph Theory, Second Series, Vol. 161, N. 6, 854-866.

2012 - C. Oliveira Henriques, C. H. Antunes and C. Barrico, "An enumerative algorithm for computing all possibly optimal solutions to an interval LP", TOP - Journal of the Spanish Statistical and Operations Research Society (in print).

Carla Henriques

Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

ISCAC - Coimbra Business School

Quinta Agrécola-Bencanta

3040-316 Coimbra


Phone: +351-239 802 000

Fax: +351-239 445 445


Caixa de texto: P5) Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (IPC-PT)                         P COIMBRA02

Carla Henriques is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Accounting and Administration (ISCAC) of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC-PT) and responsible for several courses in the framework of the B.Sc. degrees of Management, Accounting and Public Accounting.


Since 1998, Carla Henriques has been developing research work in the fields of operational research and economy-energy modelling at INESC, a R&D Institute associated with University of Coimbra. The research work has been focused on the development of mathematical models for decision support in the study of economy-energy-environment-interactions. Her research interests have also included uncertainty handling through interval programming techniques in this kind of models. The results of this work have been the subject of several research projects and grants and have appeared as communications in international conferences (e.g. IAEE, SDEWES, WSEAS), publications in conference proceedings with refereeing, publications in book chapters (Kluwer International Series and Nova Publishers) and scientific journals with ISI impact factors (such as the European Journal of Operational Research, Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Journal of Systems Analysis Modelling Simulation and Journal of the Spanish Statistical and Operations Research Society).

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